Introducing John J. Camilleri, Textual’s new CTO

Textual Admin News

We’d like to introduce you to John, Textual’s new CTO. With a long-established career in technology and a PhD in computer science, we are very excited to have him join our team. John considers himself both a scientist who is interested in learning the details of how things work, as well as an engineer who takes pride in designing and building things properly, a perfect fit for Textual!

John started coding already as a teenager and has basically never stopped. He was introduced to language technology and the Grammatical Framework as an undergraduate, eventually doing a Ph.D. in the area and becoming a core developer of GF. John has been working with full-stack web development for over 15 years in private, academic and open source projects, and has most recently been the CTO for Digital Grammars.

“I’ve worked with the Grammatical Framework and multilingual natural language generation for many years but mostly in an academic context, so it’s very exciting for me to see this technology used at a truly industrial scale, with all the new challenges that brings with it.”

At Textual he will continue working with grammars and other language technologies and improving the workflows around them, both internally and for translators and clients. His main focus will be on ensuring the scalability of the platform and architecture, and helping to expand to new domains outside of retail. Last but not least, John is a self-confessed coffee geek on a crusade against bad workplace coffee, and our new go-to person for all bean and brewing recommendations!

We are so excited to have John onboard, and look forward to all the amazing things he will bring to Textual. Welcome to the team!

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