GPT For Enterprise

Is your business interested in utilizing Generative AI but feel that there's to much uncertainty? We are here to the tools so you're in full control.

The issue a lot of businesses are facing with Generative AI is that they are interested in using it but they feel uncertainty in consistency and quality. As an enterprise you want to be in control and have established processes. We provide the tools to make it possible.

As an enterprise, you want to:

  • Have proper integrations in place.
  • Decide automation level, if and where there should be a "human-in-the-loop".
  • Set the rules for text generation, what is the LLM not allowed to write, tone, formatting etc. Prevent LLM "hallucinations".
  • Share knowledge across the team, make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Adapt the setup to your needs. As a large company you already have several systems in place that needs to be taken into account.