Bulk Generation

Generate content on a large scale in a controlled setting

As a large scale business you want to have controlled and automated processes in place.
By generating content in bulk you don't waste valuable time handling texts one by one.
This is most useful for product texts, where the need for a lot of texts and translations is often the highest.

Set up once, generate forever

To get the most out of generating content in bulk it is recommended to spend a bit of time setting the rules, prompt and process.
But don't worry, our platform makes this easy.

While you don't need to know all the details right away, and it's always possible to adjust it later, here's what should be considered:

  • How is the data for generating a text coming in? File or API?
  • What data should be used? Everything or just a selection of it? Should different data points be used depending on what type of product it is? This is easy to set up with InputSchemas.
  • What prompt and engine should be used? A prompt can be as simple as "Write a product text" but can quickly grow in complexity. Should different prompts be used based on the type of product? With our Prompt Selection Rules you can decide to use different prompts for different texts when generating many texts at once.
  • Should the entire text be AI Generated? Besides offering Generative AI, we provide a hybrid solution to generate some parts of a text completely rule based. This is useful for bullet list, disclaimers, manuals and similar things that you don't want the AI to "make up".
  • Should the texts be translated or should a different source text be generated per language? We integrate with a range of Machine Translation services with options to use your existing glossaries.
  • Should the texts be verified by a human after generation? We provide an easy view for verifying, editing and approving texts if you want have a human-in-the-loop.

Pro tip! The most effective way to build up good Prompts, InputSchemas and Rules for generating in bulk is to start out working with the texts one by one. With the Copy Assistant it's easy to try out different things before saving them. By doing this your organization starts accumulating the building blocks needed to automate the process.