Welcoming John Lewis & Partners as well as multiple new enterprise clients in Scandinavia!

Textual Admin News

The number of Textual's new clients has increased dramatically in the last year. Therefore, we are excited to now announce some new partnerships!

Our team has already helped a variety of clients to start using automatic product descriptions and translations in different languages. Now, the number of organizations that are working with Textual to optimize, scale up, and automate their content creation process has grown even more.

We are extremely happy to welcome companies from the fashion industry, such as Gina Tricot, Cellbes, Bubbleroom, and Swedemount (Sportshopen). Within the design and furniture industry, we have the privilege to work with Royal Design, Photowall and Best of Brands. Moreover, Teknikdelar which specializes in electronic products have started using Textual's automation platform on a daily basis.

“We have noticed a significant increase in requests in the past 6 months. It is clear that many retailers are looking over their processes during these special times. We have proven in every case that Textual helps with increased productivity and correct content. Also, entering new markets can be done in a few clicks.”

Henrik Gemoll, CEO at Textual

Furthermore, Textual has succeeded to sign with the British giant John Lewis & Partners! Our new partner is a well-known retailer that is performing exceptionally well in e-commerce, resulting in being one of the top six largest e-retailers in the UK. Launching around 200.000 products each year, John Lewis & Partners now minimizes the work process using Textual’s platform. 

"Our team focuses on quickly producing large volumes of product copy for a wide variety of products, while also reflecting an established tone of voice in how we speak to customers. Incorporating Textual into our daily processes has helped to increase the speed and consistency of our copy output whilst keeping the quality where it needs to be, and allows our team to focus their time where it is most valuable."

Samuel Edwards, Digital Copy Manager at John Lewis & Partners

The team at Textual is thrilled to continue working with our clients and new projects that come on board.