Upgrade of authentication system

John Camilleri Release Notes

We will soon be upgrading our authentication system to improve the security of our platform. The changeover date for this upgrade will be Tuesday 2nd May, 2023.

Please take the time to read through this guide, to ensure you are properly prepared for the changeover.

What will be affected

  • All users who log into the Textual web platform will be affected.
  • If you currently have multiple username-based logins, these will all be replaced with a single login using your email address.
  • API tokens and embedded views (e.g. using Textual in inRiver) will not be affected by this change.

Before the changeover

The new system requires that all users are identified by an email address. If you already login to Textual using your email address, then no preparation is needed. If you currently login with a username, then you should change this to your email address now:

  • Go to the Manage page and open Member credentials.
  • Find your account, click Edit, and change the Username to your email address.
  • As soon as this change is made, you will use your email address to login (together with your previous password).

If you are an administrator (superuser) for your organisation, you can also do this on behalf of all the users in your team. If you see user accounts listed which are not used anymore, this would be a good time to remove them.

After the changeover

Once the upgrade has taken place, all users will need to choose a new password to login with.

  • When visiting the Textual platform, click the Login/Create account button.
  • On the following page, choose Sign up and specify your email address. You will then be asked to choose a new password.
  • Alternatively, if your email address is connected to a Google account then you can click on the Continue with Google button.
  • You will need to authorise the Textual app to access your details. Only your email address and name are used.
  • Once the sign up process is complete, you will be redirected to the Textual platform and your account should work as usual.

If you see a message that you have No customer assigned, you can ask a member of your team who already has access to use the Assign existing user option:

  • As an administrator (superuser) with access, go to the Manage page and open Users.
  • Click the Assign existing user button (top-right).
  • Enter the email address of the user to be added to your organisation, then click Assign. This will only work if they have already gone through the sign up process.

Alternatively, you can ask the Textual team to help.

In case of any difficulty, don’t hesitate to contact us via your usual communication channel or at support@textual.ai