Semantic Product Information Management

Where product management, classification and text generation meet
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Product information & Semantic product model

When updating product information, most retailers have several days (or even weeks) in lead time before the update has been distributed across all marketing channels and new product texts have been translated to all languages. With Textual’s product platform and AI-based text generation, this product information lag is reduced to a few seconds.

Textual manages products based on a unique Semantic Product Model. The model is a rich and flexible way of representing products in their key attributes. We feed the semantic product data to our text creation algorithms to generate product texts to multiple channels. The result is a faster time-to-market, lower costs, and a global reach.

We provide a single place to collect, update, classify and enrich your semantic product information. With Textual’s product management platform you can set up user-flows, update product status, categorize and label products to work efficiently with your product catalog across your team. Managing products has never been easier.

Why Textual for managing product information?

  • By easily bulk updating product data - you not only update the product base information - but also instantaneously update all your product texts on the markets and channels you serve

  • One source of truth for all semantic product information

  • Shorter time to market & easier to maintain a global presence
  • Integrates seamlessly with variety of channels and marketplaces

  • Recommendation engine that enables quick product enrichment and SEO optimized texts

  • Improve consistency across product catalog & product descriptions

  • Translate product texts instantly to all target markets

  • Rich labelling for faceted search

  • Enriching product information is quick & easy

Who is this for?

Any retailer who is tired of product list chaos and needs to be able to update their product data quickly and distribute finalized product texts to all channels in a short time-frame. Book a demo to find out more about how we can help you and your company!

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