Text Extraction and Tagging

With Textual's services, content creation has never been easier.

Start your journey towards a simpler future with Textual.

Based on existing product descriptions, Textual can help tagging the items in your product catalog with relevant attributes.

Properly tagged products enable you to generate rich product texts in 25 languages instantaneously with Textual’s AI-based text generation. Keyword tagging is also an essential part of SEO optimization and categorizing your products.


Who is extraction for?

Text extraction is a powerful tool for any retailer who wishes to have better control over their product catalog, no matter how small or large it is. A customized solution is offered to every client, tailoring the process exactly to your company's needs.

Powerful tech

Let your copywriters work together in a creative dashboard.


Scale up fast whilst saving time and money

High flexibility

Textual's platform can be integrated with your PIM

Create product descriptions in 25 languages

Reach a larger market and increase your global sales up to 70%

Manage and organize 

Let your customers and your internal team easily navigate among products based on rich filter criteria.

Optimize your PIM process

After you have placed your tags, our smart, AI-driven tools help your product texts stand out among the crowd.