Textual attending D-Congress

Textual at D-Congress

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Textual attending D-Congress

We are happy to announce that Textual will attend this year's D-Congress in Gothenburg. We're excited about this year's theme Purpose Driven Commerce and how scalable text generate fits perfectly into a more purpose driven e-commerce scene.

During this year's event we'll show you our latest developments enabling e-commerce retailers to expand product content globally in no time. We've streamlined the process of transferring product catalogs to Textual, and added a state-of-the art catalog management tool.

Sign up here, to meet us at D-Congress.

If you are not going to make it to this year's event, feel free to set up a web meeting with us instead.

The previous decade has fundamentally changed the way we find, research and consume goods and services. I see the same development in the coming five years for the way we create, maintain and publish content - and something that I see us at Textual being a part of. It is particularly exciting to be able to bring improvement to text generation and translation as these can be very demanding processes.

Despite of the huge and dominating influence of technology within content and information management, a lot of things in content creation are still done manually. I think this is an area where finding a good balance between human and machine interaction is very important. It feels great to be part of the Textual team and take on those issues.
Artur Hasselblad