Start your journey towards a simpler future with Textual



Start your journey towards a simpler future with Textual



Based on existing product data and attributes we can create and translate thousands of product texts in a few seconds. We base the technology on smart grammatical solutions to deliver natural texts.

Additional copywriting

Sometimes you need manual improvements of the texts. Our copywriters can help create a scalable solution to support any need. We also offer quick adjustment of any translations.


Improve the automatically generated texts by manually adding a few more attributes to each product. Use our recommended attributes or add your own as you wish. Using the already translated attributes you will receive translations instantly.

Product descriptions

Many online retailers with a large inventory struggle with writing and optimizing product descriptions for all their products. Textual provides a scalable solution for creating automated product descriptions. We have a unique solution for enriching the product data to be able to write natural texts that appeal to the customers.
We can write variating descriptions in different lengths and for different channels. For example the webshop, Google Shopping, price comparison sites or for resellers like Amazon.

Category pages

Online retailers can benefit from generating texts for category or for brand pages. We can create, optimize and variate to avoid duplicate content issues. This is particularly useful for the subcategories under the main category pages which can be very time consuming to create in different languages and in scale using manual effort.

Personalized communication

Personalized experience with on-demand content is proven to drastically improve conversion. Content tailored for a specific customer is easy to scale with Textual's technology. This could be used in for example e-mail, SMS or personalized texts in a webshop.