Platform & Features

Our platform allows you to utilize the full potential of Generative AI


Import your data


Set up your rules


Verify the texts (optional)


Publish the results

Unlock the power of Generative AI for your business

Optimized for Enterprise

  • Interact with the latest GPT models and other LLMs 
  • Import data from file or PIM to be used with your prompts
  • Automate and standardize the process with event actions and advanced rule sets

Our goal is to provide businesses a professional way to generate and translate textual content with the latest AI technology. Everything should be as easy as possible while still providing the flexibility every enterprise needs.

Our web application makes it easy to get started while having plenty of customization options and features to adapt to your needs.

Some of our features

Prompt Designer

The Prompt Designer allows you to design, save and re-use prompts. They are saved within your organization for everyone to access. After it's saved you can dynamically combine it with data to write product texts, newsletter, category pages and more.


Prompt Selection

Set up rules for which prompt should be used depending on your data. The rules will ensure you get the correct prompt for each individual generation when running large bulk actions. 


Copy Assistant

Select a prompt and generate. Get instant translations with option to send for proofreading.


How to get started

1. Import your data

Upload a file with data or send in via API.
Or if you're just getting started you can skip this step and input your data manually.

2. Set up a prompt

Create a prompt to instruct the AI how to write. What tone should the text have? How long should it be? Any other guidelines?
You can also skip this step and use on of our system prompts!

3. Generate texts & translate

Generate texts one by one in our Copy Assistant or generate a large batch with bulk actions. Translate everything with a single click. Download the results as file or view them in our document list.

4. Keep configuring

Continue exploring the options and tweak to your needs.
Create prompts, set up rules, proofreading views, automation events, bulk actions and more to craft the perfect Gen AI workflow for your business.

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