NA-KD is automating its product description process with Textual – already live in nine countries

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Localized content is nowadays seen as a must for gaining global market shares, and there are numerous examples, not least in the fashion industry, which show that a localization strategy can be decisive for successfully penetrating international markets.

The tech startup Textual has developed an AI-based tool allowing brands and e-retailers to generate, translate and optimize texts with a few keystrokes. The technology is based on advanced computer linguistics where automated texts with human tonality can be created based on attributes such as color, size, category and brand. The so-called NLG (Natural Language Generation) technology ensures completely accurate and natural texts in several languages, which in turn makes it easier and cheaper for e-retailers to grow in new markets.

NA-KD, one of Europe’s fastest-growing fashion company, has quickly understood the necessity to localize content in order to increase organic traffic to selected markets. By increasing localisation efforts, and implementing automated translation processes, they are able to serve customers in a better way.

Twelve months ago, NA-KD initiated a pilot project to replace traditional copywriting in the creation of product texts. Since then, the two Gothenburg-based companies have worked closely to automate how product descriptions are created and translated. The result were quickly seen and led to shorter lead times, reduced translation costs and increased organic traffic. Today, all product texts at NA-KD are created using Textual - without any form of manual copywriting.

Björn Bergström, Chief Growth Officer of NA-KD confirms that "By automating our product description process with Textual, we have increased our efficiency in publishing products texts with human-like quality. Instant translations help us to stay ahead of the curve and easily scale up our localization efforts."

Henrik Gemoll, Founder & CEO of Textual: “We’re so happy to be a key component in NA-KD’s localization efforts and fast international expansion. We’re working relentlessly to provide an amazing product experience both for NA-KD and their customers. Together we push the boundaries for what is possible when it comes to scalable content generation.”

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About NA-KD: NA-KD is one of Europe's top 20 fastest growing companies, breaking new records every month and showcasing themselves as one of the leading fashion companies in the world.

NA-KD attracts the most passionate and talented employees in the industry, with a combined knowledge of 50 years experience in both fast and high fashion. The company was born in 2015 and has been growing ever since, creating the hottest fashion trends across the globe and being seen on all the hottest influencers and celebrities.

About Textual: Textual is a platform for automated content generation in 15+ languages. Textual provides a unique technology for creating product descriptions, ads and personalized content. The technology is based on a hybrid of linguistics and machine learning technologies.