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Translation and Localization for E-commerce

The most interesting part of translating for e-commerce is the fusion of different domains, subject areas and text types that can appear in a single space such as a website. No matter the size of your online store, you will need meticulously tailored and diverse content solutions to ensure that all aspects of your business are in line with the current trends and legislation - in each of your markets.

Behind the scenes of an e-commerce localization project lies an interdisciplinary process where expert knowledge meets linguistic skills and cultural awareness. In addition to that, every company has a unique communication style. An accurately transferred and engaging message in the local language will safeguard your reputation abroad and enrich the shopping experience for your customers.

Did you know?

An average e-commerce website contains content from at least five specialised subject areas.

Common Domains in E-commerce


We specialize in localization of marketing content. You can be sure that your company’s brand and voice are expressed in Press Releases, Newsletters and Social Media posts in all the languages of your markets.

For your visual and audio content, we also translate subtitles and captions for marketing videos, product presentations, and commercials. We can process a variety of file types and formats for however your data is stored.


Our general translation services also cover legal content. We can help ensure your documentation’s clarity and consistency. This includes translation of Term of Use, Terms and Conditions of Sale and Purchase, Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies, Return Policies, and Categories and Website Navigation.

However, a significant part of internal business documentation and correspondence belongs to legal domain, for example, non-disclosure agreements, business plans, business reports, compliance documents, guidelines for annual performance reviews, and similar. We can help ensure your documentation’s clarity and consistency.


We can translate your user manuals or user guides, articles, spec sheets, online help, technical product descriptions and documentation. The content in this category is usually produced by technical writers, engineers or scientists and features a great deal of specialized terminology. That is why the localization of tecnical content is done only by experienced linguists with the right level of expert knowledge in the subject area.

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