Our Languages

Our project managers will recommend the best language combinations for your business. Sometimes, it is not necessary to translate everything from scratch. Let’s take Spanish language as an example. If your online store is present in more than one Spanish speaking market we might suggest you to translate the original, source copy only into one Spanish version and then localize the translation for other Spanish speaking markets.

Another example can be German markets. If your original content is for example in Swedish, and your target markets are Germany, Austria and Switzerland it is better to have three local versions - one for each market. We might suggest you to first translate the content from Swedish into German for Germany, and then localise this version for the other two markets.

Rare Language Combinations

If your business requires localization in rare language combinations, don’t hesitate to contact us! We can recruit, test and train professional linguists and specialists based on the requirements of your projects

We regularly localize content for the following markets:

  • English - Swedish
  • English - Danish
  • English - Norwegian
  • English - Finnish
  • English - Icelandic
  • English - Greek
  • English - Albanian
  • English - Turkish
  • English - Lithuanian
  • English - Latvia
  • English - Estonian
  • English - Russian
  • English - Polish
  • English - Czech
  • English - Slovak
  • English - Slovenian
  • English - Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
  • English - Macedonian
  • English - Bulgaria
  • English - Hungarian
  • English - Portuguese
  • English - Brazilian Portuguese
  • English - Romanian
  • English - Spanish
  • English - French
  • English - Italian
  • English - German
  • English - Dutch
  • English - Japanese
  • English - Chinese
  • English - Korean
  • English - Arabic


We translate from different source languages. Contact us and we will find the perfect combination for your content!

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