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Copy Assistant Preview


Copy Assistant makes it possible to add creative content quickly to your existing product texts with the help of GPT-3. 

You can enhance your product descriptions by adding unique suggestions generated by AI. This powerful language model will not only speed up your workflow but also improve your SEO scores. 

GPT-3 offers endless possibilities. To make sure you receive only the relevant suggestions Textual developed quality layers that filter out irrelevant information. 


Need different versions of the same copy?  Stop rewriting your copy manually!

Textual REWRITES adapts your existing copy and generates multiple text versions while preserving the important product information intact.  

Get the variation you need to improve your SEO and gain more time to focus on the most important part, the content strategy! 


Concerned about text quality?

Both COPY ASSISTANT and REWRITES come with two quality improving layers.

Category: You can select the corresponding category for all products at once. This activates the first quality layer - an input filter which limits the used data to one domain only. Currently supported categories: Clothing, Home, and Tech.

Existing product text: The new generated sentences are based on the context of the existing product description. The pre-approved product text serves as the second and most strict quality layer. 


    Enrich Products

    Textual's intelligent enrich tool is a quick way to add attribute data to products. The tool has a built-in tag recommendation engine that enables fast and accurate enrichment.
    Product texts generate instantly for all languages as the product attributes change. The result is better product data with richer product texts at a significantly lower cost than copywriting.

    Upload File

    Do you have an csv/excel file with all your product data? With Textual's system you can upload that file and get different textvariations in 25 languages back in just a few seconds.

    Product List

    Use Textual's platform as your PIM system and keep all your products and texts in one place.

    Make bulk-actions to multiple products at the same time. Keep track of your products and collections with labels.

    Export selected products in all languages to your site with just a few clicks.



    Do you have certain information that reoccur in all of your products? At Textual we can setup custom templates where you only change specific fields and get your texts back in 25 languages instantly.

    • Import your existing data and texts via API or file upload.
    • Workflow: Setup your workflow: manual, automated or automated with human proofreading.
    • Add additional texts and data selecting from 15 000 pre-translated suggested text blocks. These are recommended based on the type of product you want to write about.
    • Use our built in Machine Translation engines, or let Textual create a customized pretrained MT engine for your specific company and needs.
    • Copy assistant Stuck on the content creation? Let our AI trained Copy Assistant help you with billions of text in the back of its head.
    • Re-write: If you already have texts that you want to re-write, here is the place for that.
    • Built in Grammar support. This supports correct text generation in all 25 supported languages.
      • PIM. Manage product data, track products and translation status. You can also import images and use them in the process.
      • Review. Proofread and share feedback on texts and translations
      • Using human translators. Use your in-house translators, or take advantage of Textuals network of translators that are available continuously.
      • Export your texts as file (csv, XLS, XSLX) or send via API.
      • Integrations ready for InRiver, Kodmyran, Storm...
      • Visualize progress with customized reports, and much more (soon).
      • Customer success team and support available via Slack/ Teams. The whole team is available for instant support if any questions arise.
      • SEO: Setup support for keyword suggestions on each market.

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