Localization Process

Different tasks require different processes. Our PM team will design and recommend the best solution for your multilingual content. When deciding on the project workflow, we take into account various factors, such as subject areas, text and file types, volume, urgency and timeline, overall topic complexity, as well as the existing internal processes inside your organisation.

Some of our clients are big international companies with already established local offices and marketing teams who can provide style guides and prefer to keep the final QA inhouse. On the other hand some have just begun their expansion journey into foreign markets and require more guidance.

That is why we tailor and adapt all our projects based on your current situation and needs. The right process in the right moment is what will save you time and ensure that you can scale up effectively.

Whether you prefer us to take over the complete localization process for your organisation or you would like to be more involved in some of the steps - we will be able to propose the best workflow!

Typical Translation Process Steps

  • Quote and Order

    Potential clients get in touch with us and give us more information about their needs. We analyse the feasibility and recommend the best solution. During this step, we have an open conversation until all doubts are clear and the final specification is in place. The client confirms the order and the project can start.

  • Project Start and Completion

    Textual PM initiates the project and sees through that the tasks have been delivered in accordance with the agreed specifications. If additional questions arise during translation, or if the linguists have suggestions on how to improve the target version, we will get in touch with you. Our PMs will keep you updated on the progress throughout the process.

  • Delivery

    The local versions are sent to you through agreed channels. These can be target files that you will receive via email or you might be given access to a platform depending on delivery formats. In this step you have a chance to review the delivery. If you are happy with the result, your content is ready to be published. If you would like us to make some changes, just let us know and we can adapt the text as long as the requested changes fall under the scope of the order. 

High Volume Projects & Regular Clients

Most of our clients opt for a long term collaboration. For all our regular clients we create a customized setup to simplify the administration and speed up the whole process. For example, we can draft a yearly service contract and agree on global specifications that apply to all different project types and departments of your organisation.

This way we can schedule all tasks in advance and you can be sure that the content flow is steady and continuous all year round. We offer special pricing packages and attractive rates for regular clients, so get in touch with us now and find out more!

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