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In addition to our text generation services, we at Textual can also offer general translation, localization, and transcreation services. 

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We specialize in translating marketing and advertising content for e-commerce, and our translation services cover all you need for your website. This includes all types of content and domains, from marketing and legal to strictly technical.

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Translation refers to changing i.e. translating the text from one language into another. Although it might sound quite easy, there is an entire process behind the scenes and only a trained professional with language skills on a native level, who also has an eye for detail and great writing skills, will be able to produce fully accurate translations of your content. 

Localization means to additionally adapt not only the text but also other elements of the website. The goal of localization is to produce the target or local content that is perceived as if it had been created only for that particular market. Localization accommodates not only the language, but also the cultural, social, religious, legal, or other aspects of the target market. Besides the localization of the text, more changes might need to be done, such as changing the website design and graphics, adapting the content itself to target the right audience, using the local formats for addresses, phone numbers, units of measurement, currencies and other local specifics.

Transcreation goes one step further and recreates the message keeping its original context, intention and emotional appeal. The process of transcreation entails broad creative freedom to make significant changes to the original and usually involves different teams, e.g. marketing, design, communications, legal, or other departments. Localization and transcreation professionals have great knowledge of intercultural differences and will be able to guide you throughout the process.

Why Choose Textual?

general translation and transcreation for E-commerce

At Textual, every client is special and is approached with an individualized solution. We can translate your content from your working language into all the languages of your markets.

Our data-driven methods can help you understand the content you already have, while our copywriting services can help you create the most successful content for the future. Contact us to find out what we can do for your company!

Our Linguists

We have built a network of professional language specialists to make sure that the highest quality standards are met for each and every project.

Our linguists are based all around the world and apart from language skills they possess a great amount of expert knowledge in their subject areas and local environments. All projects are always assigned to native speakers of the target languages who are most experienced in the project domain.

general translation and transcreation for E-commerce

We do not only translate from English, we cover all markets your company may need. We can also help you localize your content for the right market, like English UK, US or AU. Together we will find a solution for your market.

general translation and transcreation for E-commerce

Shared Terminology

Clients using the Textual platform for generation of product descriptions are able to build a personalized translation and terminology data base. You can be assured that your team’s work is streamlined and professional and results in consistent content.

If your company does not use our platform yet, don't worry! We start building your individualized terminology when you start working with us. As content is created, your vocabulary grows, and we can integrate it into Textual’s platform at any time.

general translation and transcreation for E-commerce

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Common Domains in E-commerce


We specialize in localization of marketing content. You can be sure that your company’s brand and voice are expressed in Press Releases, Newsletters and Social Media posts in all the languages of your markets.

For your visual and audio content, we also translate subtitles and captions for marketing videos, product presentations, and commercials. We can process a variety of file types and formats for however your data is stored.


Our general translation services  also cover legal content. We can help ensure your documentation’s clarity and consistency. This includes translation of Term of Use, Terms and Conditions of Sale and Purchase, Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies, Return Policies, and Categories and Website Navigation. 


 We can translate your user manuals or user guides, technical documentation, and product descriptions. We ensure that your content is understood in all of your markets.

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