Babyshop Group is investing in automated texts – introduces a strategic partnership with Textual

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Babyshop enters into a strategic partnership with Textual to strengthen its international expansion. Automatic product descriptions with SEO customization should help the company reach out to further markets in a more efficient way.

Babyshop Group was founded in 2006 and today it is Europe’s leading company within baby fashion with a revenue of over one billion SEK divided into four sites; Babyshop, Lekmer, Alex and Alexa and Oii Design. With the continued expansion and high demands on SEO customized content, Babyshop has searched for a tool to create unique product descriptions that will quickly reach the company’s markets. It has been important to find a platform that can streamline and centralize content creation but at the same time results in a unique experience for the end customer on each website. 

Textual has already helped several brands and e-retailers automate their process to create product descriptions. Babyshop’s case is special because it requires the unique texts for the same product but adapted for four different sites for the best SEO. Duplicate content is normally seen as a big problem within SEO, and it is advised to avoid the internal competition around what is called “content cannibalization”, where similar texts on different sites steal traffic from each other.

Textual and Babyshop have together developed a process to enrich products on four different sites in a way that minimizes the workload while guarantees unique and localized content for each site. The completed texts are automatically generated in Textual in up to 15 languages. Babyshop has done an A/B test on the automated generated texts from Textual and compared the results with the previous texts. The result showed that the automated texts converted traffic just as good or in some cases even better against the product descriptions previously written by copywriters. 

“Babyshop is a large machinery with a complex process for content creation. It’s fun to see how Babyshop carefully ran the A/B test on all of their languages and defined the new processes that are required for this technology in detail” – Henrik Gemoll says, CEO at Textual.

“With tens of thousands of products in our channels and localizing as a central part of our strategy becomes an efficient process to generate informative and SEO texts and translations a game-changer when it comes to creating profitable growth for us” – Vilhelm Belius says, Product Development Manager at Babyshop Group.

Babyshop will go live with the automated product descriptions on all of its four sites during the first quarter of 2020. The plan is to generate texts for the entire product catalogue using Textual’s platform – for all Babyshop’s markets. 

For more information, please contact:
Henrik Gemoll, Founder and CEO at Textual,, 070-680 65 00
Vilhelm Belius, PDM Babyshop Group,, 070-023 77 00

About Textual: Textual was founded in 2016 and has developed a platform for automated text generation in 15+ languages. Textual provides a unique technique to create product descriptions and ads. The technique is based on NLG, a hybrid of linguistics and machine-learning.

About Babyshop: Babyshop Group is a leading global e-commerce company within premium baby/kidswear. The most popular, most practical and fun clothes/products are sold through four different storefronts –,, and – and several physical stores, targeting the modern family’s needs. With high technology logistics solutions and automated packaging of products, the climate impact has decreased. The vision of making the world a better place is an important factor in all its aspects of the group’s businesses. In the longer term, the goal is to become a world leader in the luxury and premium segment for children.