AI Pipelines

Automating your processes

Intelligent Automation: At, we empower you to guide the AI with specific rules, ensuring that the generated content aligns perfectly with your objectives. Whether it's the tone, style, or format, set rules that direct the AI to produce the exact type of content you need—be it technical product details, SEO-optimized articles, or engaging creative stories.

Custom Workflow Pipelines: Create distinct workflows for various content categories. Design a pipeline for your product texts that emphasizes technical accuracy, another for SEO content to enhance online visibility, and a third for creative pieces that capture your brand's essence. Our platform ensures that each content piece is crafted according to its unique requirements.

Global Reach Through Seamless Translations: Break language barriers with our sophisticated translation technology, designed to retain the original message's context and tone, making your content universally understandable and engaging.

Scalable Content Solutions: is built to accommodate your growth, adeptly handling content needs from a few items to extensive inventories, ensuring quality and coherence across all platforms.

AI Pipelines - What is this?

AI Pipelines is where you setup the process. A pipeline can contain several different steps.

  • Use several different AI's in a series to achieve best result
  • Use and modify imported data
  • Trigger a prompt or a prompt group, using the data as instructions
  • Translate the content using Machine translation or AI
  • Wait for user input for example proofreading
  • Publish the texts to next system, for example CMS or PIM.