About Us

We are a tech start-up based in Gothenburg, Sweden, working with scalable content creation for E-commerce. Our vision is to simplify the process of copywriting and translation, so that you can put more focus on other important parts of your company.

Above all, we provide a single place to collect, update, classify and enrich your product information. The result is a faster time-to-market, lower costs, and a global reach.

At Textual, every client is special and approached with an individualized solution. We work together to ensure that the automated texts are written in your company's voice. This is done with personalized translations and terminology base.

As a result, every client will get the texts just the way they want it, without losing their brand in the automation process. The result of this process is quickly seen and will lead to shorter lead times, reduced translation costs and increased organic traffic.


About Our Solution

Automatically generated content is useful for retailers that need to create and maintain a large amount of content in multiple languages using NLG (Natural Language Generation) and across multiple channels. Using our algorithms we also optimize the content for improved search ranking and conversion.

Our solution is based on a hybrid between AI and grammar and this algorithm ensures that the texts are correct in all languages.

Textual's platform for Natural Language Generation is capable of writing product descriptions in 25 different languages. We can reduce the cost of creating product descriptions by up to 90%. With our solution and NLG we will automatically make your SEO easier and improve on-page conversion over time for different channels.

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